A collection of fantastic stories

The Dragon coming to Earth

9th December 2018 (Age: 6 1/2.)

Once upon a time there was a sun. The sun that every mornining and evening got bigger and bigger. But then they discovered that in fact it was getting closer to Earth but not bigger. It was actually a spaceship. They saw a speck coming out of the spaceship!

This speck was still coming closer to Earth but it was faster. Then they saw it was a dragon. It was no ordinary dragon. It was a Bat Angel Dragon!

Then the Iron Giant discovered the Bat Angel Dragon with Hogarth. They went to see it. Then they started to do challenges with it. The Iron Giant said, “This is my first challenge, jump towards the sun without burning”. He fired his rockets and headed up towards the sun. “If you fail you will be my slave”, the Iron Giant said.

The Iron Giant’s metal turned red and white as it got very hot, the closer he went to the sun. It turned red then white a few times, until he reached the sun.

Later that day he zoomed back and returned to the dragon saying, “Your turn, Bat Angel Dragon.” The Bat Angel Dragon went and flew up until he was just a speck near the sun. When his time was up he returned back to the Iron Giant. The Bat Angel Dragon loudly cried, “You win, if I go any closer I will die. So I will be your slave.”


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